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On 3 October 2014 18:47, Moxie Marlinspike <moxie at thoughtcrime.org> wrote:

> On 10/02/2014 03:25 AM, Ben Laurie wrote:
> > The difference is that with CT the user whose key changes necessarily
> > becomes aware that it has changed. In "the simple thing?" only the
> > targeted user of the key is aware of this change.
> Yes, I think this is the only difference.  Both worlds require the user
> (and only the user) to opt into knowing what a key is and how to monitor
> them.  In the CT world, only the owner of a key is notified, after the
> fact, if their key has changed.  In the simple thing world, you're
> notified in real time for anyone you intend to send a message to.

Not sure I agree with this - anyone can monitor the log, and that includes
the sender (indeed, in the CT world, the sender would get the key from the
log, I'd think).

> I'm not sure which world is objectively better, although I personally
> like the idea of being notified that what I *write* is being intercepted
> before it's sent, rather than whether what I *received* was intercepted
> after the fact.

Given that you get both in CT, doesn't that make CT objectively better? :-)

> Either way, I think the net effect is roughly the same, so the question
> I'm posing is whether it's worth incurring the complexity cost, spam
> questions, organizational overhead of finding third parties, and
> potential conspiracy theories that might come with CT-like system,
> rather than just doing the simple thing.
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