[messaging] Value of deniability

David R. Andersen k0rx at RXcomm.net
Thu Dec 11 10:39:23 PST 2014

On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 01:11:52PM -0500, Eleanor Saitta wrote:
>On 2014.12.11 12.53, David R. Andersen wrote:
>> Its my feeling that it would be inappropriate for the dealership to
>> be able to turn to a third party and say "here's an undeniable
>> transcript of Dave's negotiation with us," and I suspect the
>> dealership would feel the same way. Deniability to third parties
>> is important in at least some negotiations.
>What you're talking about here is appropriately served by
>confidentiality and has always been served by such.  It does not require
>inventing implausible new invariants.

I don't believe an undeniable transcript can generally be confidential. 
There will always be a copy laying around somewhere that can be
leaked, voluntarily or otherwise. Further, even the threat of leak will
change the dynamic of some negotiations.

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