[messaging] Affirmations

Vincent Breitmoser valodim at mugenguild.com
Thu Jan 8 05:01:03 PST 2015

On 8 Jan 2015, Mike Hearn wrote:
> The main reason I suggest just extending the existing PKI
> infrastructure is that having used both, I've found S/MIME a lot
> easier to use both for myself and others I've nudged into sending me
> encrypted email.

It does have its perks.

With your suggestion it sounds like the same concept of ad-hoc-CAs could
be approached from "the other side" just as well, tough to say how the
strengths and weaknesses would balance out. Indeed the only reason I
base my work on OpenPGP is that I have more background with it.

> In the past few years I've worked on a lot of end-user facing
> software so I tend to freak out about implementation costs and look
> for the laziest, smallest next steps possible.

Yeah, it's difficult to find a good level of ambition (sup PEP).

 - V

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