[messaging] Do quantum attacks/algos also lead to compromise of PFS?

Mike Hamburg mike at shiftleft.org
Sun Jan 25 13:20:51 PST 2015

On 01/25/2015 12:50 PM, Tao Effect wrote:
>> The problem with this algorithm (and with other attempts to solve SAT 
>> with a quantum computer) is that nobody knows how to build the 
>> quantum function "completely_zero".
> That's not very reassuring.
> -g
So, I'm not at all a quantum computing expert, but so far as I know they 
just aren't expected to work like this.  There almost certainly won't be 
an oracle which will distinguish with high probability between a 
register that's all zeros and one with a 2^-n amplitude to be nonzero.

Quantum algorithms rely on more subtle effects, like the ability to 
approximate the large coefficients of an exponentially large Fourier 
transform in polynomial time.

-- Mike
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