[messaging] Matrix.. is Federation at odds with Privacy?

carlo von lynX lynX at i.know.you.are.psyced.org
Thu Apr 16 10:15:36 PDT 2015

Let me address just one key thought here:

On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 03:36:23PM +0100, Matthew Hodgson wrote:
> Expecting that users should jump directly into a new
> total-privacy-secure ecosystem with little
> interoperability/federation with current technologies feels
> well-intentioned but impractical.

Then why is this what actually happens all the time?

Why did people start installing Skype when there was VoIP
getting integrated into their outlook address book systems
everywhere? They could have had it so nicely interoperable
and integrated but nooooooo.. they preferred that darn new
thing that some Estonian hackers developed and the NSA was
desperate to get a hold of because they didn't know how to
break the encryption!!!

Why did people start mailing over Facebook when they had
been given all the federated e-mail systems in the world?
They could have had the bliss of politically correctly
federated mail systems with all the SPAM as a necessary
evil side effect, but nooo.. they had to pick a web-based
mail system that requires them to not remember any mail
address and even shows them profile pictures!

Why do people start over and over again with completely
new platforms such as Instagram, Telegram or Twitter?
Each time bringing their entire core group of friends along?

Because if it's just a question of installing an app and
get started, and the whole things actually does a job for
you.. whatever the job in question.. then they will just do it.

And of course they still use the old stuff.. to talk to 
their parents or mail to their teachers at school.. but
the last thing on Earth they want is INTEROPERABILITY!

Like having their parents check on them on their new
secure sexting chat system!!!

Who on Earth wants that!??

I don't know why computer scientists insist on their private
vision of elegance of federation or interoperability when in
reality the REAL audience out there DOESN'T GIVE A ****!!!!!

So what exactly is Matrix doing? Giving the entire WebRTC
community a sense of togetherness until the next Faceboogle
takes over WebRTC and turns it into a de-facto closed system
because all my friends are on it, so I won't be using your
little webserver to call them...? Yet another federation
project that leads people into the arms of a soon to become 

Matrix is a great solution, but I can't see the fitting

By the way, the comparison with Esperanto is impractical
because Esperanto sucks. The language consists mostly of
portuguese constructs and is therefore obnoxious for anyone
from a non-portuguese background. It is a complete failure
at trying to build a universal language. But comparing
software that is available after two and a half clicks to
a language you need to learn is completely bogus anyhow.

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