[messaging] pond alike group messaging

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Wed Jun 17 06:38:54 PDT 2015

You're asking about encrypted/secure mailing lists, am I right?

Simplicity is always a good thing to aim for. How is a fancier solution
with advanced crypto better than saying "The list moderator runs a tightly
written web forum package via Tor".

This web forum would not have end to end encryption in the classical sense
of course, but how does it differ in practice?

   - The list moderator sees all messages. But that's expected behaviour.

   - Anyone in the group sees all messages in the clear. But that's
   expected behaviour.

   - If the server is seized, the taker can see all the messages. But if
   the server *is run by* the list moderator, this is strictly equivalent
   anyway: someone who wants to see all messages without being formally added
   can just take the computer/credentials of anyone on the list.

The primary advantages being you don't need to distribute software, there's
no key distribution issues etc.
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