[messaging] Proof of Transition: a new thin client technique for blockchains

Tao Effect contact at taoeffect.com
Thu Jun 18 15:25:17 PDT 2015

Relevance to list: thin clients make it simple, efficient, and secure to access data in blockchains. Blockchains in turn can be used to make extremely secure and yet simple to use messaging systems by removing the need for fingerprint verification.

Our interest in exploring new thin client techniques is in helping develop a generalized and blockchain agnostic thin client specification that can be used with any blockchain, on any system (especially resource constrained devices).

https://blog.okturtles.com/2015/06/proof-of-transition-new-thin-client-technique-for-blockchains/ <https://blog.okturtles.com/2015/06/proof-of-transition-new-thin-client-technique-for-blockchains/>


Please do not email me anything that you are not comfortable also sharing with the NSA.

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