[messaging] alternative to OpenPGP?

Mansour Moufid mansourmoufid at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 09:17:08 PDT 2015

Hi everyone,

Is there an alternative to the OpenPGP message format?

There are three problems with OpenPGP, that I understand: metadata; [1]
format oracles; [2] and difficulty of implementation. [3]

There are many more problems[4] but I care about these three.

So I'm looking for an alternative message format which: has minimal
metadata; requires authenticated encryption; and is trivial to parse
with Hammer.

Does one exist?


[1] https://medium.com/@nweaver/extra-unofficial-xkeyscore-guide-b8513600ad24
[2] http://www.ssi.gouv.fr/uploads/2015/05/format-Oracles-on-OpenPGP.pdf
[3] See GnuPG.
[4] http://blog.cryptographyengineering.com/2014/08/whats-matter-with-pgp.html

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