[messaging] MITM-safe communication w/o authentication possible?

Adam Langley agl at imperialviolet.org
Sun Nov 29 13:17:50 PST 2015

On Sun, Nov 29, 2015 at 12:32 PM, U.Mutlu <for-gmane at mutluit.com> wrote:
> I wonder if it can be possible, at least theoretically, to have a
> MITM-secure internet channel without the use of PKI and/or
> persistent password (ie. w/o authentication, like in the telephone network)?
> Of course the communication must be encrypted against passive MITM,
> and must also detect active MITM.
> Does anybody know of such a protocol, info, papers etc.?

It's certainly possible if you're willing to have a central authority
and some way to authentically get private keys from that authority to
the correct people. In that case search for "identity based
encryption". (Or just "KDCs" or "Kerberos" if you don't mind the
authority being online.)



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