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Mikalai Birukou mb at 3nsoft.com
Wed Jul 12 12:15:55 PDT 2017

1) From whitepaper: 



Peerio’s current security objectives do not include:

  1. Anonymizing the identities, connections, and social graphs of users.


2) The "redundant" characterization of storage comes from Microsoft 
Azure. Stored blobs seem to be the "kegs" from KegDB. These keg object 
are usually encrypted (page 11). Yes, in 4th party, Azure cloud, not 
100% encrypted, but only usually.

By the way, kegs having kegs in them, and user access to particular kegs 
-- all of it reminds of concepts from file system, cause that what 
folders + permissions do.

These two are highlights (in my partisan opinion :) ).

There were strong statements dropped on twitter when Nadim left peerio. 
In absence of any other information, we may guess that current 
architecture is what investors wanted. May be there were emotions high, 
hence, a little misinterpreted in darker colors.

But really, this currect peerio architecture is just one more of those 
lock-in islands, walled gardens, since they will not federate with 
competitors' users. Giving up some control with introduction of 
federation and openness is not what investors want.

Let's recall again, wiretapping is looking into content, while 
surveillance is knowing what you do, what is your social graph. It is a 
social graph part that is monetize-able, these days.


On 2017-07-12 12:59 PM, Michael Carbone wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Has anyone been following Peerio's move to a new architecture and have
> any thoughts on it? Or see others' thoughts online worth sharing?
> https://blog.peerio.com/the-new-peerio-a-technical-deep-dive-2b25dba9cd0
> Thanks,
> Michael
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