[messaging] Private key backup on-boarding prototype survey

Weißmann, Christian Tjerk christian.t.weissmann at campus.tu-berlin.de
Thu Aug 29 07:17:13 PDT 2019

Hi PGP community,

My name is Chris and I am currently writing my master's thesis at the TU Berlin in co-operation with the FU Berlin. My goal is to research how to remove hurdles that discourage people from using PGP to encrypt their email.

Currently I am looking into introducing a secret sharing scheme that helps with secure distributed backups of the private key. If you don’t know what secret sharing is, no worries, that’s what I am trying to explain. Therefore I created a small on-boarding prototype for this feature that I would love your feedback on. Below the prototype you can see the link to the survey which has around 10 mostly multiple-choice questions about the topic and some demographics at the end. Of course the input is anonymized and used only within my research purpose.

For the start I would implement the feature in the PGP supporting email client which is being developed by the Freie Universität Berlin.

In case you are interested in what this idea develops into, there is the option to add your email to a list that I will update about my findings at the end of the project.

To find the prototype click the following link: https://letterbox-app.org/survey/backup/ <https://letterbox-app.org/survey/backup/>

Best regards,
Christian Weißmann
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