[messaging] Crypto standards in modern-day consumer apps

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Op di 9 jun. 2020 om 11:19 schreef Mike Hearn <mike at plan99.net>:

> Whilst pitched for privacy advocates, if that were true they'd presumably
> make it easier to buy them via their website and charge less. The fact that
> it's so expensive and that they're only leasable implies something odd is
> going on there. It won't surprise me if at some point EncroPhone gets
> silently taken over by the Dutch police and used in a sting operation, in
> the same way that Tor markets sometimes were. For them to be legally safe
> they'd have to avoid anything that could be used to prove a criminal
> conspiracy, which from your description of how they operate and the news
> articles sounds unlikely.

It's maybe worth to note that Dutch police have done so in the past, see
e.g. the Ennetcom case (
and IronChat (


Thom Wiggers


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