[messaging] Crypto standards in modern-day consumer apps

Alfie John alfie at alfie.wtf
Wed Jun 24 18:03:42 PDT 2020

On 25 Jun 2020, at 10:12, Mikalai Birukou <mb at 3nsoft.com> wrote:
>>> I wonder if you can give us any newer info/analysis, since relevant legislation has already passed in Australia.
>> Sorry... once AABill passed (and given the political circumstances on how it passed on the last sitting day of Parliament), I knew that the encryption "debate" was over in Australia.
> Whatever any parliament passed can be retracted by the same parliament. Oh, look, this parliament have passed something against pollution, and then repealed it.

Unfortunately, both major parties advocate to weaken security.

> Its possible to repeal man-made laws, unlike nature and math laws :) .

Just in case you missed it:

    "The laws of mathematics are very commendable, but the only law
    that applies in Australia is the law of Australia."

    - Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull


Alfie John

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