[noise] spectemplate / spectools

David Wong davidwong.crypto at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 02:03:12 PST 2017

>  * If you copy the files from spectemplate into your repo (at least
> the Makefile), then anyone can checkout your repo [1] and build.

They still need the spectools repo right : o ? I figured rather than
including them in my repo I would just link to the spectools and
spectemplates repo (like that I don't need to track updates there)

>  * Handling of references still needs to be adjusted.

Are you talking about the mentions to the Noise and Strobe specs? I
thought it was more practical to have them as links instead of bottom
of the page reference

>  * Change log seems like a good idea, probably we should have that in
> the Noise spec and in spectemplate as well.  I'd put it towards the
> end of the doc though, so that as it grows (or gets removed later) it
> doesn't alter pagination throughout the document.  In the
> spectemplate, maybe put it after "Rationales" but before
> "Acknowledgements"?

I did what TLS 1.3 did, which is practical in some sense: when you
check a new version you can scroll directly to the changelog. I will
reconsider that in the next revision though.

>  * Probably should have "IPR" and "Acknowledgement" sections?

Mmm, I need to talk to someone at NCC to see how to deal with this IPR
thing. I've actually never dealt with licenses and such and have no
idea how it works. (I usually just upload my code out there and just
ignore whatever happens next.)

>  * You mentioned "extending" metadata:
> """
> extending:
>  - noise-revision-33
>  - strobe-v1.0.2
> """
> I kind of think displaying those as raw strings will look ugly and
> cluttered.  Also, I'm not 100% sure what the benefits are.

it's nice to see if the version of the Disco spec is up-to-date with
the specs of Noise and Strobe you can find on their resp. webpages (or
lagging behind).
(Some revisions might break Disco for example.) Where do you think
this should be mentioned in the extension if not in the metadata?


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