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Sat Sep 27 11:35:45 PDT 2014

I should clarify these two points:

> 2. You do not buy NMC.
> 3. You do not go to exchanges.

"You" here is referring to end-users.

End-users do not need to buy NMC if their email is hosted by a buddy who owns example.bit (he needs a very small amount of NMC to register the domain once, and that's it. Even updates can be done with zero transaction fees last I checked).

Then again, this is pretty much identical to what people do today: they buy a domain in some currency of choice and host email on it.

As far as cryptocurrency being "not simple" to obtain, that is also a fallacy as has been demonstrated by successful startups like BitPay and Coinbase.

> 4. You don't even need to use Namecoin

This "you" refers to whoever is registering the domain, which might not be end-users of email apps. Sorry for that confusion.

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Greg Slepak

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