[messaging] Confidant Mail, a new cryptographic mail system

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Sun Feb 1 10:17:40 PST 2015

It sounds great Mike! This sort of nailing-the-basics project is probably
one of the best ways to get encrypted email being more widely used.

My only feedback is to find a way to deploy the app such that it works
better on multiple platforms. Whilst most users are on Windows, most devs
and crypto geeks aren't, so good cross platform support isn't really
optional these days.

As a data point, I recently released my Bitcoin crowdfunding desktop app
(Lighthouse). It's a P2P app with strong decentralisation, so web apps
didn't work for me. My download figures are:

~50% Windows
~30% Mac
~20% Linux

So assuming the Bitcoin community is somewhat representative of the
community of people interested in secure email, you're losing around half
your potential userbase by being (practically) restricted to Windows.

Your website says the app is open source, but I wasn't able to find the
source code after a brief look. Do you have a link?

You might want to look into using something like Axoltl for forward-secure
messaging in a future version. GPG is fairly old crypto at this point.
Though I do appreciate it's probably easier to work with.
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