[messaging] Confidant Mail, a new cryptographic mail system

Mike Ingle mike at confidantmail.org
Sat Jan 31 19:58:47 PST 2015

Confidant Mail is an open-source non-SMTP cryptographic email system 
optimized for large file attachments. It has its own client, server, and 
protocol. It uses GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) for content encryption and 
authentication, and TLS 1.2 with ephemeral keys for transport encryption.

It supports unlimited attachments (>4GB) and forwarding with signature 
intact. Kademlia or DNS is used for key lookup. TOR and I2P anonymity is 
optional. Servers operate in replicated pairs. You can use your existing 
email address and GPG key.

There is a Windows installer and automatic client configuration, so a 
Windows user can be online in under five minutes. Linux and MacOS users 
will have to install some prerequisites. The site has a test server pair 
online so you can try the system out.

Mike Ingle <mike at confidantmail.org> 

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