[messaging] Strong encryption ONLINE to test ( any file: wave, image, text, pdf, excutable, etc )

Carlos França heru at heru.com.br
Wed Apr 1 08:43:08 PDT 2015

Dear  moderator,

I would like to present you an advanced study of infinite series with
multiple ratios, started by Isaac Newton and completed by a Brazilian
researcher with my help. This is a set of 16 formulas that break paradigms
of various areas of mathematics such as geometric and arithmetic
progressions, torrecilli equations and areas of physics such as kinematics,
particle acceleration and others.

The Cryptographer is ONLINE ( http://heru.com.br/en-us/index.html )  for
testing and therefore invite the MEMBERS Modern Crypto  to test it and
analyze what we have to offer, as we seek strong partners and opinion too.

Thank you for your attention and put myself at your disposal to possible
problems and future interactions.

Carlos Franca -  (Master in Computer Science, graduated in Mathematics and
author of the applicability of Incomplete Studies Isaac Newton, concluded
by a Brazilian researcher, tested and approved by Brazilian universities,
Canadian and Brazilian Mathematical Society)

*Carlos França*
*Heru Technologies*
*www.heru.com.br <http://www.heru.com.br>*
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