[messaging] Strong encryption ONLINE to test ( any file: wave, image, text, pdf, excutable, etc )

Steve Weis steveweis at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 09:42:25 PDT 2015

Thanks for the April Fool's joke.

I uploaded a 1K file of 0s. The "encrypted" version was mostly 0s with some
header data.

I also uploaded a small text file with repeating text. The downloaded
version clearly shows non-random data in the same pattern.

Finally, I modified your ".heru" file format and uploaded it back to your
server. That caused it to dump a HTML file showing a directory containing
the modified file I just uploaded, and the failed attempt to decrypt it.

That let me upload arbitrary content and serve it from your domain:

On Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 8:43 AM, Carlos França <heru at heru.com.br> wrote:

> Dear  moderator,
> I would like to present you an advanced study of infinite series with
> multiple ratios, started by Isaac Newton and completed by a Brazilian
> researcher with my help. This is a set of 16 formulas that break paradigms
> of various areas of mathematics such as geometric and arithmetic
> progressions, torrecilli equations and areas of physics such as kinematics,
> particle acceleration and others.
> The Cryptographer is ONLINE ( http://heru.com.br/en-us/index.html )  for
> testing and therefore invite the MEMBERS Modern Crypto  to test it and
> analyze what we have to offer, as we seek strong partners and opinion too.
> Thank you for your attention and put myself at your disposal to possible
> problems and future interactions.
> Carlos Franca -  (Master in Computer Science, graduated in Mathematics and
> author of the applicability of Incomplete Studies Isaac Newton, concluded
> by a Brazilian researcher, tested and approved by Brazilian universities,
> Canadian and Brazilian Mathematical Society)
> ****************************************
> *Carlos França*
> *Heru Technologies*
> *www.heru.com.br <http://www.heru.com.br>*
> *Chapecó/SC*
> *Brasil*
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