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I don’t think we need canonicalization (yet) because it’s basically a write-once operation.

Might be useful with some kind of certificates, but even then it’s not a big deal. We can just treat whatever message as an array of bytes and forbid editing.


BTW looks like Google uses some homegrown protocol instead of TLS inside their infrastructure. Seems like a good place for NoiseSocket to fit in 😊

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I think I can see from that why Trevor wants to use something
flexible/extensible like protobuf in the payload parts of handshake
patterns. Is there more discussions on this? I've only found this:


Serialization is certainly an interest area of mine.


On that front, DeepMind (where Ben Laurie works inside of Alphabet) just put up a project for computing structured/nested content hashes of protos (as an alternative to canonicalization):





Tony Arcieri

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